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tv   [untitled]    August 16, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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decisions are not easy, and the decisions we make here at the board we're not necessarily during for any reason other than what we'd think is in the best interests of san franciscans and the best interests of tenants. i think those of us that support the project truly believe well it may not be the public show -- politically popular thing to do, it is the right thing to do for the future of the residence. i ask that we amend the resolution as i proposed and move forward. supervisor campos: again, we do have a difference of opinion here and i give you in the folks who have been working on this for trying to do as much as legally possible, and i think you have done that. it is just a question of is that enough? with that we have a motion. supervisor chu: if i could just ask, what would you have done differently? supervisor campos: one of the
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things that was suggested at one point was that we work with our state representatives to see if we could provide clarity in state law and actually have that be addressed to get that level of certainty before we actually move forward with the project. that is something that i think we could have considered, and i certainly was in favor of going that route. supervisor farrell, did you want to add to that? supervisor farrell: i would say that we agreed on the project, and only thing i would say is that we do a lot of things here at the board and has a lot of laws and ordinance that do not have absolute guarantee that certainty. we do things -- some we agree with and some we object to, and that is fine, but to make a statement that we're only going
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to do things if it is one under 100% it is a bit of a fale standard compared to what we do on a a normal basis is a bit of an anomaly. we certainly have not done this in the past, and i personally have objected to a lot of things in the past for what has been really pushing the limits. i would say that i do think we've done a lot and have had a bac a lot of dialogue back and forth. some of us disagree, but we'll we of done the best thing we possibly can. we have to take a look back and say what is in the best interest of the city? i do think in this case, obviously we're in thon the same page we have done that. supervisor campos: i appreciate that. i think you're right about that.
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i think that is not the standard we always follow, but the question was in the context of this case, what is the level of comfort for an individual supervisor? given the people involved, given the testimony from so many of the tenants, for me, i thought we needed more assurance, but i think you're right that that is not a standard that we follow. i think at the end of the day you have to make your judgment on each individual case, and that is where i was on this. so we have a motion by president chiu. supervisor chu: is it better to say we disagree with the findings in refer to the second edition by this as embodied by the letter, or do we need to incorporate the text in the resolution? >> i do not want to step on the toes of the legislative analyst,
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but i think either purchased find. it is really your preference. >> i believe you can say and a corporate the findings. that has been done in prior years. supervisor chu: the specific amendment would be to disagree with the findings and incorporate the findings of the administration has embodied by office of work-force and economic developments letter of july 13, 2011. just a quick question on that, procedurally to we have to vote in each finding, or can we take the boat collectively? -- vote collectively? >> also have to vote on the recommendation. supervisor campos: we have a motion by president chu.
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is your motion with respect to the findings only? supervisor chu: in disagreement with the findings for the reasons inc. and the summary that we have described, and then we report that we also disagree with the recommendation. supervisor campos: if we could have roll-call on that recommendation, please. and >> roll call on the motion. supervisor farrell? >> aye. >> supervisor chu? supervisor chu: let me read read the recommendation. -- reread the recommendation. >> two in agreement, one in disagreement. supervisor campos: colleagues,
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any other thoughts or comments on this? again, i want to thinank everyone for coming out. with that, is there any other business before this committee? >> are no other items. supervisor campos: meeting adjourned.
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[pledge of allegiance] president mazzucco: will be taking be -- >> we will be taking the roll-call of commissioners. [roll call] we have the director of occ and chief of police. commissioner marshall: welcome to the regular meeting, as you
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can see, we have a quorum. we are all that business in due time. >>-number one is general public comment, addressing the commission on items that are not on the agenda but within the subject matter jurisdiction. speakers shall address the commission as a whole, but not specific commissioners or personnel. either the police or the occ personnel are not required to respond, but may provide a brief response. public comment is set at three minutes. >> good evening, commissioners. thank you for being here.
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thank you. first of all, i want to thank you for existing and allowing all of us to be able to hear from the public. especially when, yet again, i have nothing but good things to say about the police department. i am appreciative of the fact that we have dedicated people that protect the public. and he's wonderful, these people are perfect -- you're not
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excused. every time i have seen them, they have been polite. we want to be safe. we want our criminals safe. the cops are safe. i am safe. i like that. they actually watch the show. secondly, there needs to be something done differently where fulsom street is coming up. there is a request for the chief of police -- where the law can be enforced and citizens are safe.
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and we don't have to put up with skulduggery. last but not least. a couple of shout-outs. i they know who they are because i can't say their names. we like the drug task force guys. keep up the good work. we also like the extras. i'm going to bequeath my 14 minutes to you guys to have a shorter meeting. >> next speaker, please. >> neighbors emergency. we have an invitation for you to
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come to our panel -- annual meeting. you have just been chosen as chief, we would love for you to be our guest speaker if the all possible. we will let all of the politicians come and give the spiel. thank you very much. >> the location? >> good evening. i'm jim salinas, sr. born and raised in the mission district. i want to say that given the fact that we have other native san franciscan that is also raised in the district. commissioners chan, hammer, for
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coming done in the mission district, during the chief selection process. it made a huge difference. opinions are important to hear. i understand you don't get that they the paycheck -- that big a paycheck. i want to say that we are proud of the fact that you are on the mission district. we have already, during the time
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in this department, you are going to be around for many years. we truly in sincerely believe that you will be around for many years to continue to make that same difference. you have a great deal of trust you have built up in both of those communities. and because you work hard. you listen. you have an open-door policy and it has made a difference. we thank you for that and as i have said, we expect some big things from you. i hope you get home in a timely fashion. stay well. >> commissioners, good evening. one of the candidates for mayor
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, i am all of the concern here because i think they are doing a hell of a job. i am not for a police officers association that seems to be out of control in terms of enforcing the escalating tensions of police officers in the city and county of san francisco. i hope of preventing his name properly, he opposed to the city and county $650,000. the city and county was paying them. he has yet to contribute that money back to the city and county. they are going to basically --
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reading today in the paper, the salaries and pensions of the police officers association for the police department, it takes pensions and salaries to $500 million plus. counting that 9% a year. i don't think this county [unintelligible] look into why the funds have not been returned. and advicse the police officers
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association to stay out of county fairs by putting on shows for the public when they only invite candidates that they feel are favorable. ed lee was not a candidate at that time, so he was not invited. i think we are looking at serious stuff here. it amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars. not because i am against tazers, we could not get any accountability after sending three letters and never getting a reply. commissioner marshall: any additional public comment? public comment is closed. >> reports and announcements.
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item a is the chief's report. commissioner marshall: good evening, chief, sir. >> with regard to crime statistics, again, no dramatic changes in citywide. violent crime remains about 7% down, other crimes are up just a click. part one climbs -- crimes are flat. homicides are running roughly like they have been the last couple years, a 30-year low. we hav beee been enjoying a peae dividend of some sorts, and that is why we are trying to keep so busy with the young people before a bad choices he made
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later on and we get an uptick in violence again. some of the activities of this week, a collaboration between the sheriff's office in the police department to get kids into jobs. it was a great project, they worked hard from about 7:00 in the morning on. the opening, the community youth center on third street, it was barely a year ago that we have the unfortunate tragedy of being thrown from the platform. they were incurred about a month earlier and in the same area.
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we welcome all youth. it shows how the community really came together on that. just yesterday, an event that is almost in this city, we can find out what the police department is about. there are several other agencies and selected by the states. at the international association of chiefs of police.
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the other media interests are rounded. it is merely a consolidation of all of them. they maintain a standard case load during the daytime. they will park at the station closer to the beach and if we have made of them down town, they will come down town. this is actually why they were born 35 years ago.
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half the complement is downtown, it really comes in handy during the summer. again, it's about locating there if we have need for violent suppression versus having them travel after the travel time. and we're working towards getting our special victims in a together with his a -- which is an efficiency plan recommendation. it appears we have found one on
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the fifth floor, and to be on the floor. it is a bit of a sanctuary. that concludes my report. commissioner kingsley: good evening, chief. thank you for your report. i like to go back to the horror regarding drunken-driving. i was not quite sure what we gave to america and the award. how can you expand on that elevator? >> we were first in the state, so the office of traffic safety awards grants for various enforcement project. in this particular grant, who we were charged with trying to get
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24 media hits as far as people refraining from the driving and one of our federal partners said that the public information was that the point where they decided to stay home on new year's eve. media coverage is outstanding, and doesn't cut the above, we have less accidents and 10% less alcohol-related fatal injury since the grant was in play. commissioner kingsley: that is fabulous. how is the grant going to impact our program?
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>> we will apply it again and we will do it again. >> thank you for your help full and thorough report. i wanted to ask you about the department bulletin. i understand it is just another day of another fiprior card. they are all quality of life, but i want to make sure that all of that, along with the reference guide, the officers focus on the low level of quality of life issues in the enforcement way rather than focus on prevention. >> please tell have the outreach teams and we try to get resources or a ford resources, -- afford resources.
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last night, they were talking about brother ohood way. we will go in for three days of with public health and see what services we can get folks to excess of four we go and clean of the encampment. about 75% compliance, people decide to allow us to help them into resources, or they relocated on their own. everybody else is either in the middle of moving in to help with a big mess to clean up. commissioner marshall: thank you very much, chief. >> the director's report, review of recent activities and reports of the statistical report and monthly comprehensive report
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for july 31, 2011. >> commissioners, members of the audience. i will discuss highlight from the second quarter statistical report. they opened 418 complaints for police misconduct or failure to perform the duty. we also needed the 33 complaints. the cases that we open during the first six months of 2011 represented a decrease in cases open during the first six months of 2010. while we are stature torelli mandated by the charter to have an investigator for every 150 police officers that would equal 15 investigators, they closed in the second quarter with only 13 journey level investigators. we will have three new investigators on staff in
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september. we were fortunate cannot have lost any provisions in the u.s. the budget. in spite of these challenges, the investigators managed to avoid a large backlog of old cases during the second quarter by closing 203 cases compared to the 230 new cases that we received during the same time. we resolved some of our -- a percentage of our cases in nine months. in spite of our challenges, staff did show and a determination for investigating civilian complaints of police misconduct or neglect of duty promptly, fairly, and impartially. cases continue to increase over previous years.
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in the second quarter of 2011, and% of the cases were sustained. which is higher than the historical average of 9%. and higher than the sustained rate of 2010. of the 20 cases sustained, and of them were for unnecessary force or conduct which is generally a more serious allegation. none of the sustained cases were commissioned of all cases. zero were for neglect of duty. seven were for failure to collect traffic data and the other complaint was sustained for contacting emigrations had customs enforcement about the complaint on an administrative warrant in violation of refuge ordinance. allegation was also


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